HIM (Hope In Men) Initiative

Society has painted the boy-child to figure out their life; they do not need support because they are men. They are not supposed to cry, lament or lack anything. These stipulations upon the boy child have bred weak, unstable, rough and disrespectful men.

The women who have been empowered for so long are also lamenting because they deficit empowered men. They lack men who can reason together and achieve a definitive agreement. Men who can provide both moral and financial support to their loved ones have become scarce.

The purpose of this project is to holistically empower the boy child in all aspects and give more attention and priority to his survival, wellbeing and protection on the road to progress and development.

Through education, support, and outreach, the project aims to publicly develop new male leaders willing to speak and oppose discrimination against women and girls.


To empower society to support men

To develop new male leaders willing to oppose discrimination among women

To help nurture men with integrity

Male child personal development

We groom boys to become men of integrity and guide them to solve issues that hinder their growth.


We pair mentees with experienced individuals to support and encourage them to manage life to maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.


We encourage people and organisations to donate money to support needy boys and men.

Men addict recovery

We support male addict’s to stay sober and clean, grow personally, and give back to the larger community

Facilitate adoption

With the assistance of legal practitioners and other government agencies, we match potential adoptive parents with birth parents choosing adoption for their boy child.

Skills training

We identify the skills gap in boys and men and ensure we offer training to develop these skills.

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